Dec 13, 2006

 it's just my imagination

It was undeniable that I was flabbergasted with the message you told me, not too long ago.  It was but natural to get offended by such remarks conveyed from someone I least expected to hurt me.  That caused an invisible wall between us.  That proved my displease on your untoward words.

I'm just glad that you never ceased in reaching out to me... you never failed in understanding my inner feelings.  I appreciate you having the initiative to talk to me and extend something to face my bland gestures.

Thanks for the chocolates.  Is this your way of telling me that you're sorry? It's just my imagination, I know.  I'm aware that you're just fond of  giving those chocolates to all of us. 

You must realize that every little thing you show is highly acknowledged.... that every simple words express great meaning to me, whether in a positive way or not.

When you leaned against my knees and felt your body heat, I felt so near to you... I felt your desire to get close to me too.  When I brushed my fingers on your hair, how I wish you felt my care too.    When you asked me to introduce you to my old friend, I felt your pure intentions to know them anyhow.  You listened to whatever I mentioned even if I was talking to someone else.

It's just my imagination, I know.  But your willingness to get near me somehow penetrates to my heart.  I am happy.  Whenver you looked at me and showed me your big smiles, I felt your care.  Whenever you expressed your funny stories, you explained anyhow that you were merely telling a story.  No insults meant.

I like the way you think fast.  I like the way you consider what PEOPLE might say.  I like the way you share your wit. I like the way you relay your jokes.  Hmmm... I guess, I just like the way you are.

You now have a way to my heart.  My disappointments are gone this time.

We're simply making good memories anew.


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Jun 9, 2006

Unknown fondness

Here I go again... Staring in a space beyond these walls... imagining things beyond reality. Hmmm same old feeling... I'm again trapped with my own emotions that I find it difficult to even utter a simple word that relates to you.  I just can't even tell anyone why I'm falling into deep in this sweet surrender.  

A psuedo-truth that I like you.

It's absolutely a challenge for me of not including you as one of my good friends.  I don't consider you as one.  It's not that you're rude... Or you're catty-like... Or you're unfavorable.  You just shine a different light to my eyes... a different tune to my ears.  I don't wanna feel you that close when I'm always on the brink of losing control everytime you are around. 

I like the way you smile, the way you look, the way you talk.... You really have a way to greet me with awe.  It's so amazing to feel you're extraordinary presence when I know, I'm just merely watching, listening, observing you from a distance. 

I'm ultimately fascinated when you once confessed to me that you like to hang out with me because, I'm sweet.  I just wish you put more meaning to every word you  mentioned.  Without you knowing it, you showed me how special to feel such goosebumps in my body.  You tease me like no other can.

I simply love the way you carry yourself.  Though, I keep my silence, I know I can still profess my hidden emotions whenever our eyes meet.  I know you can read me through like I can do to you...  I know and I believe. 

I can feel you.  And I want to feel you that way too Smile

We're, perhaps, invisibly connected to each other.

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Oct 13, 2005

A Picture of You

There you are again... with that firm, confident, and mysterious look. Amazing, it is... of having a glimpse of you and it makes my heart leaps all the time. What is it in you that shakes my world? I love the way you handle yourself. I love the way you smile, the way you look at her, the way you walk. I love your hair, your distinct fragrant scent, your eyes... and yes, I love so much the color of your lips... and hmmm your sexy lips entice me to adore you deeper. What kind of spell have you casted upon me? Amazing, it really is... when the world pauses each time I take notice of your existence.

I'm dreaming to know you more... I'm dreaming to get a chance of hearing your voice. Obviously, I lack such loving opportunity. I'm ingulfing your sweet smiles from afar. I enjoy it. I'm clearly fascinated everything about you. Isn't that amusing? You are someone who remains my ultimate fantasy. I rarely get to see you. Distance really has its own way but it allows me to chase the beauty of your mysterious look. At times I am puzzled... because my attraction to you seems to be sinful, adventurous, and unnatural. But I fear most of denying this magical affection. I am obsessed... how can this be happening when even a touch of your hands nor a tap to your shoulder is way beyond reality???...

You're indeed an illusion of mine... a dream so romantically woven for me to look forward to. I'm lost for words when you're near. I like it.... I enjoy every moment of it... I love looking at you, fantasizing about you, lusting after for you...

I'm clearly amazed by you! Just keep me under your spell!

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